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WEDDINGS                           $1100

Includes::   1: A chat on the phone to see if I am right for your special day!

                  2: A catch up with both parties to sign the legal documents!

                     Here over a cuppa, or hey why not a champagne lol, I will listen

                     and help you to create the dream vision you have in mind! 

                  3: You will receive the first draft of your ceremony via email!

                  4: We will do unlimited drafts until we have it just perfect!

                  5: I run your ceremony at your venue!

                  6: I provide PA system, decorated signing table (if required)

                  7: Your whole ceremony will be presented in a keepsake folder!

                  8: Marriage Certificate Application and Delivery: an extra $50

                  9: Rehearsal can be arranged with all parties: an extra $100

                          Why not Take advantage of my 2023 limited special offer $750 

Funerals                        $600   

I am sorry for your loss. Know I am here to guide you, support you and assist you! 

We will talk on the phone to see if I am suited to perform your service.

I will meet with yourself and family members to discuss your needs.  

I will work in together with any funeral director on behalf of yourself.

Together we will discuss your loved one and by listening, I will write with compassion, humour and loving memories on behalf of them, yourself, loved ones or other.

Bringing together a story to celebrate one's life, to remember one's life, to respect and honour one's life is always the most important aspect of being a celebrant. 

I can assist or give advise on rituals, funeral homes or other details you wish for. 

I will send you a draft and you can make any changes as you wish. 

I will perform the eulogy at the given time and place with respect.

You will receive the whole service in a keepsake memory folder. 

Memorials are performed as an anniversary of death, a special celebration or memory. I can take care of details to have a memorial service and discuss options and prices. 



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