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Creating Memorable Ceremonies


 Love is the base ingredient for all services and I just Love what I do with a passion. 



Weddings are more than love, they are a commitment, a contract, an embracing of two lives.


I listen to your story and design your service to how you vision it. You are the one that imagines the moment, I am the one that helps bring it alive!


No matter if it is young love, mature love, same sex love, renewal of vows or anything in between I am right there to support and help!

I am very flexible so can fit into any theme you wish to give to me! Whether you want funny, spiritual, romantic, humor, rituals or other I will take on the role with style!

Story writing has always been my passion so know that I will go above and beyond until I create

Your Perfect Love Story! 



With many years of experience  working with people from all backgrounds, I find comfort in saying my Integrity and Morals are of High Standards. 

I bring acceptance to any event,  ritual, ceremony or commitment.

Renewal of vows are a wonderful way to continue to celebrate your love no matter if 5, 10 or 50 years after your wedding day.

A naming day can take the place of baptisms and can be personalised to your needs or theme. 


 Leanne can help with informal or formal events, fun celebrations, or a commitment ceremony for any occasion. 

Angel Prayers of Protection, Reiki Healing Blessings for the Sick, Women's Circles Ceremonies etc etc.

Japanese Funeral


Did you know you can choose your own celebrant?

Funeral homes often refer their own team but it is your personal choice!


I have come to love the light I can shine upon a very sad and delicate moment. 

I feel it is important to deliver a loved one's story with a mixture of respect, humour, knowledge and honour.  


I love to listen and learn about your loved one so as I can deliver a service that celebrates their life as if speaking of a friend. 

I will work with you to allow your loved one a beautiful transition.  

I will work alongside any funeral home you choose with utmost respect.  

Memorial Service

  Leanne knows that during the last years

  of lockdown, how hard it has been on loved ones who have suffered a loss.


Memorial Services can be arranged to bring together family, friends, memories. 

These can be arranged for anniversary of passing, scattering of ashes, birthdays or other. 

Whether you choose to do in a park, at home, a funeral parlour or other they can help bring closure and celebration of life. 


Leanne will work with you to allow your special ceremony to go according to your vision.


Offering compassion and care and understanding of the needs of loved ones. 

Want to discuss your ideas with Leanne?

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